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Hello, I'm Julia Keyte and this is my blog where I post thoughts and news about my PhD as it progresses.

My PhD

My PhD contributes to research in emotionally sustainable design, by using creative methods to investigate how and why we keep our possessions. It responds to a widely perceived need to reduce the consumption of material goods, to combat the depletion of material and energy resources. I think designers can make a significant contribution to changing the way we consume, but to do this they need to understand much more about the infrastructure of consumption, in particular the way we relate to things in our homes.  

My research is focused on things whose meaning is conflicted, rather than things that are treasured. This could include, for example, a gift that is valued for the gesture but doesn’t reflect the recipient’s tastes, or a functional object that is rarely used but promises a new lifestyle.  See my practice led project Campaign for Objects in Purgatory and a list of related publications.

About Me

I am in my first year of a part-time, article based, PhD in Design and thoroughly enjoying it. Over the past two years, my research has been published in international research conferences and journals.  I am also senior lecturer in Jewellery and Metalwork at Sheffield Hallam University, where I have worked for nine years teaching undergraduate and postgraduate design students.  I am joint course leader for the BA/MDes Metalwork and Jewellery and route tutor for MA Design.  My passion is for designing and making throught provoking jewellery and domestic products, and my work has been exhibited and won awards internationally.

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